Some of My Favorite Sewing Resources from 2018

2018 isn’t over, but I wanted to go over some of my favorite online sewing resources that I’ve accessed over the past year to build my skills. Next month, I’ll be talking about sewing and wardrobe planning resources.

Pattern Review

I’m not super active on Pattern Review, but I do find it useful for - wait for it - pattern reviews. For some, having to be a member to read full reviews may be a bother, but trust me, it’s worth it. Once you put a pattern name or number into the search, more likely than not you’ll find several knowledgeable reviews on the pattern you’re looking for. I like the consistency of the format and people are good about giving tips and tricks.

Threads Magazine

Okay, so this is a magazine, but it’s website is super helpful too! Threads is great for getting tips on more advanced techniques. I don’t have a membership so that’s prevented me from accessing some of their resources, but I bet they're totally worth it.

For example, over the past year, I’ve been trying to learn more about couture techniques. I’ve gotten more interested in how to use boning and this article in Threads on how to use boning in different types of garments has been incredibly useful.


Bluprint, which is part of Craftsy and used to be called Crafty Unlimited, is a streaming subscription service that gives you access to hundreds classes. While I’ve only watched fashion and sewing related courses, there are also videos on quilting, knitting, cooking, dance, yoga, music, art, photography, and more. Originally, I subscribed so that I could watch a video on sewing with guipuire lace, but because of an offer from Ebates, I signed up for a full year subscription and began to explore other courses. (Full disclaimer: this is a referral link. But in my honest opinion I highly recommend Ebates if you shop online. You’d be surprised at how many websites you can get cash back from. I’ve gotten cashback from, Etsy, and Hello Fresh.)

I keep returning to Couture Dressmaking Techniques and Couture Finishing Techniques classes by Alison Smith. They’re so good! And such great resources for sewing beautiful garments. I used several of her lessons to help me make my strapless peplum top and skirt outfit. Alison Smith has had me hand sewing and putting boning into all types of things. They also have a nifty app so you can set your phone or tablet up right next to your sewing area. If you want to see what I’m talking about, take a look here.