Me made May 2018 round up (and thoughts on building a handmade wardrobe)

Me made May 2018 round up (and thoughts on building a handmade wardrobe)
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I can't remember when exactly I saw Me Made May for the first time (I didn't start sewing until around 2012-ish and so maybe it was around then) but what I do remember is thinking, "Wow! How is it that so many people have been able to make so much clothes for themselves that look like actual clothes and not a DIY rat's nest?" 

Fast forward to Me Made May 2018 and I've found that I have enough of a handmade wardrobe that I can wear something me made everyday. I didn't give myself a specific goal for the month and I decided that I just wanted to document my outfits and just see what I got out of the experience.  

I'll be updating this post with some of my observations and learnings inspired by my outfits and sewing during the month of May. My Me Made May 2018 outfits, which are all tagged with #stellesewsmmmay18, will appear in the gallery above.

  • Observation 1: Finish projects. I made the By Hand London Sophia dress at the end of last year intending to wear it to a wedding. I didn't wear it to that wedding because I decided that it wasn't the style I was going for. However, because I hadn't tacked down the lining it ended up never being finished until now. I one of the reasons that I didn't do that is because the instructions called for hand sewing. Now, I know how to attach a lining to zipper tape with a machine, but it's like my brain just blocked out the project after seeing that. I finished it up in just a couple minutes and there was a whole new dress. 
  • Observation 2: Hand sewing ain't that bad. While exploring Craftsy Unlimited during my free trial I watched a video on couture sewing (possibly the one on making a guipure lace skirt) and learned about waxing your thread. Talk about a game changer. Now hand sewing is a little fun! If you don't know about adding a lil wax to your thread you have to do a Google search now.
  • Observation 3: Buttons can be sewed on with a sewing machine. I guess I had heard of people sewing buttons on with a machine but I thought that you needed a special foot or setting so I just avoided that because of my disdain for hand sewing. A woman who works at my local Joann's opened my eyes and told me that all I needed to do was release the feed dogs and do a zig-zag stitch. So while hand sewing ain't that bad, I still don't want to sew on buttons by hand and I never will! I have few tops and dresses with buttons, but I plan on adding more to my wardrobe. 
  • Observation 4: I have too much clothes and it's all very random - but colorful. I wish it could be more cohesive.