Yes, You Need to Make the Keilo Wrap Dress in a Woven


I've seen numerous Kielo Wrap dresses and I've wanted to make one for a while. 



However, since I don't have too many stretch fabrics on hand, I'd avoided it.


After doing some research I realized that other people had made it in woven fabrics and so I jumped on board!


I had an extra few yards of a black and white African print fabric, that I stock in my Etsy shop. I didn't realize it at first, but the print would have an awesome effect when the dress came together. 

One thing I did a little differently is use some twill tape to make the ties. I cut the original belt on the grainline and not on the bias and I didn't feel like using more fabric. However, it didn't look as good as using self fabric, so I made a belt that's on top. 


African print fabrics tend to be best for structured garments, and while this type of fabric does not give the Kielo wrap dress that beautiful delicate feel that many of these dresses have, what it does do is give the dress a sort of edgy feel.

And because of the slit in the back, you won't feel like your legs are bound.


Looking for where to buy African print fabric by the yard? Check out my Etsy shop HERE or the link in the menu.