Butterick 6556 - DIY African Print Sundress
Butterick 6556 IMG_9585.JPG

When I saw this on Instagram I thought it was so cute and went out to buy it immediately. I just love the neckline.  

Butterick 6556 IMG_9602.JPG


I ended up basically making two of these. I almost finished the first version but there were some little things that bothered me about it. My first issue was the way the lining and bodice looked and the second was the zipper installation. My pleats looked crazy but I could actually deal with them. Nevertheless, I just decided to scrap the project.

Butterick 6556 IMG_9587.JPG

This second time around instead of using lining fabric for the lining I just used self fabric. Then, because I was curious about the zipper, I went online to zoom in on the photo of the dress Gertie is wearing on the envelope. When I got a look at that I had a better sense of how to attach the zipper and not interfere with the pleat. 

Butterick 6556 IMG_9622.JPG

In these photos, I haven't completely (or really at all) tacked down the lining so I think that is contributing to it sort of fluttering out. Nevertheless, I think you get the message. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually a pretty quick make. It's already a full skirt, but I'm wearing it with a petticoat because it looks that much cuter with it.  

The fabric is from my own stash, which you can shop HERE.